SHANDONG KASRY INTELLIGENT EQUIPMENT CO.,LTD is the world’s leading pipe&profile steel cnc fabrication machine manufacture,which is committed to providing “material budget-logistic transportation-process cutting-setup welding’whole solution for automation industry. KASRY has powerful research and development team,90% of it is composed of university professor,PhDs and senior engineers.Through continuous efforts,KASRY has already became one high technology enterprise integrating

         KASRY Steel Structure Fabrication Intelligent Factory
                    With the development of science and technology, steel structure building has become the main structure of the future, the traditional manual production of lofting processing, can not meet the current large production needs.
            KASRY steel structure fabrication intelligent production line brings disruptive changes to steel structure enterprises.



2.KASRY CNC pipe cutting machine overseas market succeed accepted inspection

Kasry international market has been successfully reported...

4.KASRY Steel pipe automatic cutting machine officially put into operation in Indonesia

Customized by Indonesia on the 26th, the steel pipe autom...
Shandong kasry intelligent equipment co.,ltd Let the space structure become so simple
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